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How to trade the CPI undershoot
Softer than expected US CPI data has rekindled hopes of a dovish Fed pivot. If an equity manager believes in a year-end squeeze scenario, where can they get the most bang for their buck?

Qi's S&P500 model shows that as important as inflation is as a catalyst, it is the Fed's reaction function that is key for equity markets.

The Fed's tightening of financial conditions has driven the 2022 bear market; in particular, higher real yields & wider credit spreads have been instrumental in driving macro model value lower.

As such, for those feeling bullish, the key question now is which area of the market is most exposed to these two drivers.

Qi's Optimise Trade Selection answers this question in a few simple clicks.

The short video below shows how you can train Qi on the universe of your choice - single stocks, sectors, ETFs - & very quickly identify:
  • which models are most sensitive to our chosen factors
  • which models also offer a valuation edge; in this instance are cheap to macro-warranted fair value.
Running these scenarios is entirely customisable.

Train the search on a different universe. Choose a different macro factor - the Dollar rather than real yields or credit. Take the other side & look for the best trade to fade this move if you feel bearish.

Qi empowers you to run your own macro scenario & find the most efficient trade expression.
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