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Wealth Managers
Wealth Managers
Provide clarity to clients on macro cross-currents and build competitive macro-aware model portfolios. Qi’s core vision is to make macro manageable and familiar for investors
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Remove blind spots
We do the work so wealth management teams can protect AUM from macro shocks such as inflation, growth expectations, and credit conditions. Track and pinpoint envi- ronmental risks to model portfolios and investor portfolios across asset classes
Financial Growth
Add value. Raise AUM
Identify portfolio drivers that others miss.
> Access productivity tools to share and interpret the macro environment and impacts on your portfolios.
> Focus on your AUM, whilst we will solve for macro.
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Monetise Qi data
> Serve millennials $s via new tech
> Optimise portfolio weightings
> Stress test investment ideas
> Capture dynamic regime changes
> Identify key drivers
> Measure vulnerabilities
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Protecting your AUM
Give clients added value and help generate more AUM with essential insights and analysis

Ideal solution:
> Macro Models
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