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You focus on alpha, we manage the macro
Build better portfolios by accessing rigorous data analytics that uncover hidden risks and opportunities. Then quickly take action to enhance performance.

Quant Insight has already put powerful solutions in the hands of leading investors of all types and sizes with combined AUM of $7 Trillion+
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Our clients
Discover how your team can perform risk and performance analysis, find untapped alpha through unique macro data, and optimise your research process.

Chief Investment & Risk Officers
Pinpoint, communicate and adjust targeted macro effects with the next evolution of factor risk

Equity Portfolio Managers
Macro interferes with returns. Recapture your alpha with our macro-strategist-in-a-box

Macro Portfolio Managers
Sharpen and leverage your macro insight in a fraction of the time

Quants & Analysts
Macro is missing from traditional factor returns. We capture what others miss

Wealth Managers
Add value and generate more AUM with essential insights and analysis
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“Qi’s analytics are a breakthrough in constructing thematic equity baskets, and in defining the macro characteristics of single stocks as well as overall equity portfolios”
Matt Frame, Partner, Bornite Capital
“Qi’s highly customizable set of dashboard and real time alerts allows us to focus on what’s important to our business and portfolios while keeping an eagle eye on the entire global data feeds.”
Andrew Byington, CIO, Appian Way Asset Management
“Quant Insight is a new way to manage the endless amounts of data and filter the constant noise throughout the world. Qi’s highly customizable set of dashboard and real time alerts allows us to focus on what’s important to our business and portfolios while keeping an eagle eye on the entire global data feeds.”
Michael Martin, CIO, Martin Financial Group
“Qi data has become the touchstone for our tactical allocation decisions. QI's models allow us to express our conviction around key macro variables and to manage risk with greater foresight.”
Brian Fahey, CIO, Personal Investment Management
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Key benefits
Adaptive & Responsive
Stay calibrated with the market via daily and intraday updates using the latest innovations in macro data, data science, and technology.

Capture sensitivities through current market dynamics and market measures delivered through modern infrastructure.

Available throughout the investing ecosystem with third party investment tools and broker partnerships.

Our macro models and tools were built by acclaimed macro PMs at leading hedge funds. Expertly designed for application and interpretability.

We cover all major equity markets, ETFs, most traded asset classes, and allows clients to model custom assets.

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Build better portfolios
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Our partners
Qi is partnered with industry leaders for high quality data provision as well as distribution and access to hundreds of thousands of institutional desktops.

Learn more about our partnerships.
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The importance of macro factors
Understanding and applying the methodology of macro factors on portfolios
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