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Extract signal from noise
Global investors increasingly want hard evidence to support their investment decisions. But the human brain simply cannot parallel process and make sense of the huge amount of data that is now available.

Qi’s cloud based financial market 'brain' ingests high quality, high frequency macro data. Using advanced yet fully transparent mathematical techniques, Qi helps investors understand how it is all connected and what is going on under the surface.
Signal from noise™
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Solutions to uncover macro
Using sophisticated yet transparent mathematics we deliver real time clarity around macro forces driving markets, valuation anomalies, high probability trading signals, price trend shifts and the real underlying macro risks in your portfolio.

We also deploy unique optimisation and machine learning to help investors build portfolios or “baskets” that reliably track key themes on an out-of-sample basis.
Identify opportunities, uncover risks and access a whole new level of insight, with Quant insight solutions.
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The smartest money in the world trusts Quant insight
Used by many of the world’s major asset managers, hedge funds, wealth managers, banks and family offices. Our clients have a combined total Assets Under Management exceeding $6 trillion.
Look Up™
“Qi’s highly customizable set of dashboard and real time alerts allows us to focus on what’s important to our business and portfolios while keeping an eagle eye on the entire global data feeds.”
Andrew Byington, CIO, Appian Way Asset Management
“In a world of permanent overload of information, professionals truly value technology and developments that will allow them to be effective and efficient, the right information when they need it as they conduct business.
RETINA™ by Qi does just that.”
Umesh Patel, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, Symphony™
“Qi’s analytics are a breakthrough in constructing thematic equity baskets, and in defining the macro characteristics of single stocks as well as overall equity portfolios”
Matt Frame, Partner, Bornite Capital
“Qi data has become the touchstone for our tactical allocation decisions. QI's models allow us to express our conviction around key macro variables and to manage risk with greater foresight.”
Brian Fahey, CIO, Personal Investment Management
“Quant Insight is a new way to manage the endless amounts of data and filter the constant noise throughout the world. Qi’s highly customizable set of dashboard and real time alerts allows us to focus on what’s important to our business and portfolios while keeping an eagle eye on the entire global data feeds.”
Michael Martin, CIO, Martin Financial Group
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Groundbreaking analytics through science and technology
We work with leaders in the fields of machine learning, Bayesian inference and astrophysics from Cambridge, Princeton and Harvard.

Our technologists have backgrounds at the European Space Agency and Microsoft and have harnessed modern cloud based architectures.

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Latest Insights
Insights showcase topical observations from Qi. Pure signals highlighting where assets are rich or cheap versus macro. Or roadmaps to help provide the most efficient way to express any trade. Flags, in real time, highlighting changes in factor leadership or regime shifts.
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Our partners
Qi is partnered with industry leaders for high quality data provision as well as distribution and access to hundreds of thousands of institutional desktops.
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